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How do I know my CBD is legit?

CBD is blowing up in the market recently, as an alternative to traditional medications or prescriptions. Because of its relative newness, there are not many rules that require CBD products to be tested for contaminants or accurate CBD levels. A CBD company can claim they have a certain amount of CBD in their oils, but they are not required to test to make sure their claims are accurate. Make sure you’re staying safe by following the steps listed in this article by Consumer Reports!

As my grandma says, “the proof is in the pudding”. Ask for the Certificate of Analysis (COA) if you cannot find one readily provided by the company. There should be a COA for each batch a company processes. Many companies are posting their COAs on their website. The COA will show the level of CBD (which can help you verify whether your CBD oil is as strong as they say it is), as well as if there are any contaminants in the batch (like arsenic or soil contaminants). It costs money to have CBD tested, so some companies are bypassing it since there is no legal requirement. Make sure you know what you’re putting into your body! Just like with anything - aspirin, toothpaste, bottled water - you want to make sure you’re taking what you think you’re taking.

I believe the FDA will eventually bring the hammer down on testing and make it a requirement for all CBD companies to have COA for customers. When that time comes, a lot of companies who have been risking it and selling subpar products will fall through the cracks. Our priority is to stay ahead of the curve by ensuring that we are selling exactly what we are promoting, from day 1. Trust that our products will always be tested, with results published on the internet for all to see.

As an epileptic, I’ve gone the past 16 years double and triple checking everything I put in my body for drug interactions with my seizure medication. I’m sure anyone taking prescription medication is familiar with this... I’m talking anything from caffeine content in sodas, down to which birth control options will and will not work. (Always check with your physician to make sure any medications you are taking will not interact with CBD, to be safe!)

Because of my constant checking, my boyfriend and business partner, Taylor, understands how important it is to be extremely accurate on what we are producing. That’s one of the things I love most about Tay. He is so quick to learn and dedicate his time to things he is passionate about. Knowing how important product content transparency is for me has created an understanding and determined business and life partner. Trust that when you buy CBD from us, we are as transparent as possible because we know how important that is. Let us know if you have any questions or thoughts in the meantime!

CBD is blowing up, which is amazing but can also be overwhelming for consumers! We’re here for the long haul and hope that our products improve your quality of life as it has for us



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